About Me

As a highly effective content creator, and marketing professional with a proven history of success, I am honored to present my skills and expertise.

I am a skilled professional experienced in content marketing and brand strategy for the online marketplace. I love developing  content marketing roadmaps with unique value propositions that stand out from the rest. I have a passion for using strategy and language to align the why of brands to the why of the target demographic and using the win-win business models in today's climate.

Featured Articles

Please see just a few examples of my work.

The Top 7 Habits to Avoid to Keep Your Vibration High

In a world where we find ourselves having to pull together and contribute to controlling and eradicating COVID-19, and many individuals find themselves isolated and cut off from their routine. We can often find ourselves reaching our limits. With all the resources online, I thought it might be helpful to provide some practical steps toward maintaining mental acuity and positivity that I have found beneficial. We often find proactive advice, but many of us get lost in our everyday mental chatter,

The Top 10 Rules for Copywriting UXUI Content

Do you want to help your clients engage their site and increase sales as a content writer? Below you will find the most common top ten things that can help you write content for UXUI briefs that will promote your client’s business and increase engagement. Use language that is in alignment with the UXUI target platform. How many times have you had to rewrite content because after execution and beta testing, we discover going live over cross-platforms requires tweaks? I.e., iOS or mobile screens.